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Power of Purple Muesli Toasted

Power of Purple Muesli Toasted

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Purple is the colour of royalty and purple coloured foods are considered the kings and queens of nutrition. Purple foods are high in anthocyanins and resveratrol, which are powerful phytonutrients that many studies have shown provide a range of positive health benefits.

Our purple cereal contains freeze dried organic maqui berry powder (natural purple food colour) which is very high in antioxidants. Our ‘Power of Purple’ muesli will turn your milk into a royal purple colour!

Country of Origin:

Made from local and imported ingredients

Product Highlights:

  • Australian grown honey toasted oats;
  • Certified organic freeze dried Maqui Berry powder;
  • Wild blueberries organic raspberries, cranberries and organic coconut
  • Pepitas for extra protein and goodness.


Honey toasted oats (82%), cranberries (4%), organic coconut (4%), pepitas (3%), freeze dried organic maqui berry powder (3%), wild blueberries (2%), organic raspberries (2%). (Dried fruit contains cane sugar and sunflower oil)

Storage Requirements:

Keep in a dry and cool place. Ensure zip lock is sealed during storage.

Package Size:

500 grams

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Nutrition Information

Per 100g
Energy  1,614kj
Protein  9.1g
Fat – Total 9.7g
Carbohydrates – Total  63.8g
Carbohydrates – Sugar 20.5g
Dietary Fibre  98.7g
Sodium  34mg


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