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Superfoods are an exceptional class of foods found in nature. They are nutrient dense which means they punch above their weight as far as goodness goes. They are higher sources of antioxidants and vital nutrients. Superfoods are the intelligent choice.

Who says chocolate can’t be healthy? At Dr Superfoods, we source only the finest Belgium chocolate. Our premium chocolate products contains nothing artificial, no hydrolyzed oils, fillers or other nasties.

What’s makes our chocolate coated products so special? Firstly, it’s the smooth taste and texture which is second to none. Secondly, our dark chocolate coated products are packed with antioxidants that aids to fight off free radicals and oxidative pressure. It also has important minerals such as copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium zinc, and iron.

Numerous studies show that dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow, boost mood, have a slight anti-coagulation result, and it also helps in the prevention of plaque creation in the veins. It also helps control blood sugar levels and also contributes to reducing insulin resistance.

It is also profitable for the brain as it contains numerous chemical compounds like Phenylethylamine or PEA and Theobromine which helps in proper functioning of the brain.

So don’t feel guilty eating any of our chocolate coated products – they’re a healthy treat that everybody should enjoy!

Here are some studies that show dark chocolate is really good for you:

Randomized study of the effects of cocoa-rich chocolate on the ventricle-arterial coupling and vascular function of young, healthy adults
The Effect of a Single Dose of Dark Chocolate on Cardiovascular Parameters and Their Reactivity to Mental Stress.

Beneficial effects of dark chocolate on exercise capacity in sedentary subjects: underlying mechanisms. A double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial.