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Dr Superfoods Makes Life Healthy
Jul 31, 2015

Superfoods are an exceptional class of foods found in nature. They are nutrient dense which means they punch above their weight as far as goodness goes. They are higher sources[...]

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Muesli Products
Superfoods: The ultimate fuel for your body
Jul 28, 2015

Pre-packed processed foods are convenient, but if you seek to develop your health, then eating natural, nutrient dense foods is the only way forward. Eating superfoods are not monotonous if[...]

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wild blueberries
Superfoods – The key to good health
Jul 07, 2015

          More and more foods are being promoted as “superfoods” but it makes you think what exactly are superfoods? No one knows where the whole “superfood”[...]

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Dried blue berries
Superfoods – a must have for everyone
Jul 07, 2015

Superfoods can help you lower your cholesterol, lessen the threat of heart disease and cancer and put you in a better mood. DR SUPERFOODS provides you with those superfoods that[...]

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Matcha Tea Powder
‘Dr Superfoods’ add Organic Matcha to their
Jul 03, 2015

Superfoods are natural foods that are nutritionally superior and good for one’s health. Not all foods have the same nutrients; some are created by nature with higher nutrients. The concept[...]

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cancer fighting
Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Cancer
Feb 26, 2015

Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Cancer Fighting Properties   Cherries, along with many other berries, are a rich source of antioxidants, especially anthocyanins. They help prevent or repair the damage[...]

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cherry heart
Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Good
Feb 26, 2015

Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Good for the heart   Researchers believe tart cherries may provide a number of cardiovascular benefits due to the intensity of anthocyanins inside these little[...]

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Benefits of cherries
Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Improves
Feb 24, 2015

Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Improves sleep quality and fights insomnia Research indicates that tart cherry juice may help improve the quality and duration of sleep, reduce the severity of[...]

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Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Reduces
Feb 18, 2015

Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Reduces Pain of Arthritis and Gout (Fights Inflammation)   People have believed that cherries helped to relieve the pain of arthritis and inflammation based[...]

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Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Reduces
Feb 16, 2015

Superfood Health Benefits: The Cherry – Reduces Muscle Damage Reduces muscle damage and inflammation during intense exercise   High-intensity or prolonged physical activity of any kind typically causes muscle damage,[...]

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Mangosteen Superfood
A Summary of Published Mangosteen Research
Dec 02, 2014

          Summarized by Dr Narace D. Seudeal, Ph.D. 1) Antiproliferation, antioxidation and induction of apoptosis by Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) on SKBR3 human breast cancer cell line.[...]

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Health Benefits
Sep 25, 2014

What are Superfoods? Not all foods are created equal. Some natural foods have higher concentrations of beneficial nutrients than others. Those foods that contain exceptional nutritional content and supported by[...]

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