Antioxidant Super Berries – no added cane sugar


A delicious combination of wild blueberries, organic goji berries and organic cranberries. Recent studies conclude this combination of superfruits is some of the richest sources of antioxidants on earth. Use as a nutritious snack every day to boost your dietary intake of antioxidants and feel the difference. All ingredients are either organic or wild, and there is no refined cane sugar in this product.

Antioxidant super berries are available to buy online and we deliver directly to you for your convenience.

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Country of Origin:

Made from local and imported superfoods


Organic cranberries (55%), organic goji berries (35%), wild blueberries (15%), organic apple juice concentrate, organic sunflower oil.

Storage Requirements:

This product should be ideally stored below 25°C and in a dry location to maximise shelf life.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights:

Rich in antioxidants 100% Natural – nothing artificial Wild and organic ingredients Provides many nutritional benefits Gluten-free

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

Per 100g
Energy  1,458kj
Protein  4g
Fat - Total 2.1g
Carbohydrates - Total  75g
Carbohydrates - Sugar 55g
Sodium  21mg

Published Health Benefits:

Disclaimer – Food Standards Australia and New Zealand make it illegal to claim that any natural foods provide any health benefits, except for folate and a few selected others. The above published articles on the health benefits of super berries are not intended to provide any medical advice or imply that they contain any medicinal properties.